Igor Akkerman


As an experienced cloud architect and software engineer, I support teams in building performant, highly scalable and resilient applications. I love working with skilled people, adopting the latest technologies and modern practices. In 20 years of professional full-stack development and systems design, I always aimed at the highest productivity and quality of code.

Technologies and Practices

Spring Boot, Spring Data, JPA, Hibernate, JUnit, AssertJ, Kotest, MockK, jib, Gradle
S3, Lambda, EC2, ECS, Fargate, SQS, SNS, DynamoDB, RDS, Aurora, AppSync, API Gateway, CodePipeline, CDK, CloudFormation, Boto3, SAM, CloudWatch
Google Cloud (GCP)
GKE (fundamentals), Google Cloud Functions, Firestore, Firebase
container orchestration
Docker, Kubernetes, OpenShift, CloudFoundry
Kafka, RabbitMQ
REST, OpenAPI, GraphQL, gRPC, Protocol Buffers
PostgreSQL, MySQL, MongoDB, Redis, Oracle, SQLite, Liquibase, Flyway
Node.js, Vite, Jest, Express, Netlify
React, Svelte, Astro, Redux, Playwright, Cypress, Flutter, HTML, CSS
MQTT, Mosquitto, Paho, Web of Things (WoT)
microservices, domain-driven design, event sourcing, CQRS, stream processing
software craftsmanship
clean code, SOLID, hexagonal architecture, design patterns, TDD, BDD
release automation
GitHub Actions, GitLab CI/CD, Jenkins, Terraform
Datadog, Prometheus, Grafana, Kibana
Kotlin, Java, Python, TypeScript, JavaScript, Rust, Dart, Lua, Bash, PowerShell
Scrum, Kanban, pair-programming
Git, GitHub, GitLab, BitBucket, IntelliJ IDEA, VS Code, Copilot, Figma, Jira, Confluence

Continuing Education


business fluent
French, Italian
Spanish, Russian

Client Projects


paid content platform: full-stack development and integration

Industry: online publishing

  • set up Grafana alerting for Kafka topics
  • evaluated solution to decrease load latency and increase development productivty of Paywall micro-frontends
  • evaluated Playwright end-to-end testing for Paywall solution

Java, Spring Boot, JavaScript, AWS, Kafka, Kafka Streams, MSK, akhq.io, Kubernetes, EKS, Flux, Grafana, RDS, PostgreSQL, Imply Pivot, Druid, REST, OAuth2, Google Workplace, GitLab


digital farming: cloud architecture

Industry: digital farming

Process: Scrum

  • assessed issues in architecture, code, security and processes, supported project management
  • fully re-designed the whole system to be event-driven and serverless, created transition plan
  • built a full-stack asynchronous PoC for new architecture, evaluated future technologies/services to adopt
  • implemented a highly parallelized data processing ETL pipeline
  • trained team members in AWS services and modern engineering paradigms

AWS, CDK, Lambda, DynamoDB, AppSync, Amplify, GraphQL, Python, Pandas, Boto3, React, TypeScript, Vite, pnpm, SNS, SQS, ECS, Docker, RDS, PostgreSQL, R, Java, Spring Boot, REST, BitBucket, Confluence, Teams


e-commerce platform: warehouse microservices

Industry: e-commerce, logistics

Process: Scrum

  • collected requirements for a core service to be consumed by multiple teams, designed its REST API
  • implemented service functionality in Kotlin / Spring Boot, created project configuration
  • optimized the build setup and code quality for shorter iteration cycles
  • educated team members in idiomatic Kotlin, BDD using Cucumber and clean code
  • conducted code and design reviews of React frontend

Kotlin, Spring Boot, REST, OpenAPI, AWS, Kubernetes, Docker, Nakadi, Kafka, CQRS, PostgreSQL, Jooq, R2DBC, Cucumber, TypeScript, React, GitHub, Google Workplace


Vehicle IoT platform prototype

Industry: automotive, RnD

Process: Scrum

  • re-designed and implemented IoT bridge in Python
  • developed features of IoT gateway in Go
  • designed and implemented pairing between bridge and gateway using gRPC/Protobuf
  • collected requirements of system security and defined security model

Docker, Python, Go, MQTT, Mosquitto, Paho, Web of Things (WoT), gRPC, Protocol Buffers (Protobuf), Raspberry Pi (ARM32, ARM64), GitLab


startup funding application platform

Industry: e-government

Process: Scrum

  • created AWS architecture for new business domains
  • supported the project management, defined user stories, introduced post-mortem process
  • re-engineered single sign-on solution
  • modeled domain and database for multi-tenant identity management
  • led the backend team: conducted code/design reviews, coached junior developers

AWS, Lambda, SQS, SNS, ECS, Kubernetes, Docker, OAuth2, TypeScript, Node.js, Express, Mongoose, MongoDB, GitLab


vehicle and driver management system

Industry: logistics

Process: Scrum, pair-programming

  • developed and operated features in REST microservices using Kotlin / Spring Boot
  • performed large refactoring of React web microfrontends, assessed vulnerabilities
  • set up AWS cloud infrastructure for new features, re-configured serverless cloud database

AWS, RDS, Aurora Serverless, Fargate, Docker, CloudFormation, CodeBuild, Kotlin, Spring Boot, AssertJ, React, Redux, TypeScript, Jest, Karma, Cypress, Kafka, Flyway, Datadog, Gradle, AWS Session Manager, BitBucket, Jira, Confluence


in-car product purchasing platform (ordering, payment, licensing)

Industry: automotive

Process: Scrum

  • designed, implemented and operated Java Spring Boot REST microservices on CloudFoundry PaaS
  • improved the code and design quality through reviews and large refactorings, taught clean code principles
  • enhanced developer productivity by building a local Docker setup of the application stack
  • produced PoC solutions to adopt AWS services and cloud architecture concepts, designed a data pipeline leveraging CQRS

AWS, SQS, SNS, RDS, Aurora, REST API, CloudFoundry, Docker, Java, Spring Boot, Eureka, Hystrix, Ribbon, Feign, Zuul, Spring Cloud Netflix, JUnit 5, AssertJ, Sonar, Redis, PostgreSQL, Liquibase, Gradle, Jenkins Pipeline DSL, Logstash, Kibana, Greylog, Prometheus, BitBucket, Jira, Confluence


e-commerce platform: REST microservices

Industry: e-commerce

Process: Scrum

  • designed, developed and operated containerized Java microservices for order processing
  • transformed legacy Java modules into Spring Boot REST APIs using the strangler pattern
  • re-architected and implemented automated unit, integration and acceptance tests using BDD
  • set up automated build and release CI/CD pipelines, allowing unsupervised deployment into production
  • supported the design of an SSO solution

Docker, Mesos, Marathon, Java, Spring Boot, REST API, Spring Batch, JPA, Hibernate, Retrofit, Hystrix, Zuul, reactive streams, JUnit, Google Truth, Cucumber, Spock, BDD, Rest-assured, Jenkins pipeline DSL, MongoDB, Oracle, Kibana, Grafana, BitBucket, Jira, Confluence

Former Client Projects


insurance statistics evaluation web application

Java EE full-stack design and development, project management


e-commerce platform: logistics components

Java Spring backend and Oracle SQL database development


document template management system

Java EE backend architecture and development, JCR data layer


international loyalty program

Java lead developer, JSF solution patterns, quality governance


healthcare profitability check web application

Java full-stack architecture and development


insurance dialog marketing administration web application

Java full-stack development


city childcare institution management system

Java J2EE full-stack development, application stack migration


residents’ data platform for authorities

Java backend development, XML data format conception, PKI setup

Side Projects

Email Processor

Server-side email filtering and processing (AWS)

  • created Docker image for existing application
  • built automated asynchronous data pipeline
  • configured secret management
  • set up logging/monitoring

AWS, ECS, Docker, Lambda, S3, SNS, SQS, SSM, KMS, CloudWatch, CloudFormation, Lua, IMAP

Java logging library for AWS Lambda

Java, AWS SDK, Lambda, CloudWatch, SLF4J, Logback, Gradle

Web CV

Generator of web-based CVs from structured data and markup, tailored individually for various clients

Astro, React, TypeScript, Vite, CSS, Vitest, Puppeteer, Netlify

PoC Projects

GCP/Firebase serverless REST application

TypeScript, Node.js, Express, GCP, Google Cloud functions, Firestore, Firebase, event sourcing

Svelte SPA

Svelte, JavaScript, Netlify

Flutter mobile app

Flutter, Dart, Android SDK, Firebase, Firestore